Oshawa Frequently Asked Questions About Physiotherapy

Do I need a doctor referral to see a registered physiotherapist?
You do not need to be referred by a physician in order to make an appointment at Dynamic Balance Physiotherapy & Sports Injuries Centre. You can make an appointment independently if you have concerns about an ongoing or acute physical situation. Your insurance company may require that you have a referral so that you may be covered by your extended health coverage.
Does my physiotherapist communicate with my doctor?
Yes, if your physician or other health care professional has referred you to us, we will send progress reports to keep them updated with your progress. If your physiotherapist has a medical concern regarding your care, they will discuss them with you and follow up with your doctor. At Dynamic Balance Physiotherapy & Sports Injuries Centre we pride ourselves on working closely with your team of health care professionals, including coaches and trainers, to ensure the best management of your needs.
How long will my first appointment be?
Your first physiotherapy session will take approximately 45 minutes to an hour and includes an initial assessment of your concerned areas followed by an initial treatment. Each of our clients receives a comprehensive evaluation and examination in a private one-on-one treatment room. When all concerns are recognized and evaluated, a diagnosis is made and our findings are discussed with each client before developing an individualized treatment plan that works for you and your lifestyle.
What should I wear to my appointment?
It is best to wear comfortable, breathable clothing to your appointment. Shorts and a t-shirt are best if you are undergoing exercise therapy in the gym, as well as a pair of runners. If you are to be assessed on your first visit, you may be asked to change into a gown so your therapists can do a full examination of the affected areas of your condition.
Can you bill my insurance company directly?
Yes we can as long as your insurance company permits it. Most insurance companies now allow physiotherapy to be billed directly, but some have special arrangements with your workplace that require you pay first and be reimbursed. Our helpful staff can help you determine how your coverage works.
Do I have to pay for parking?
Parking is free for all Dynamic Balance Physiotherapy patients. Just bring in your ticket and we will stamp your ticket.
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